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Harish is a leading independent musician, playback singer and Carnatic musician - popularly known for his pioneering work of amalgamating Carnatic music with progressive rock through his multi award winning band Agam. He is often credited with evolving a new approach to performing popular music by infusing improvisational elements of Carnatic music into popular music. 

Let's Talk Music 


Let’s Talk Music is a 10 session MasterClass with Harish where he takes the participants through the journey of applying the principles of Carnatic music to popular music in an engaging, practical format. Participants will go through the journey of learning, examining and amalgamating the nuances of 5 popular Carnatic raagas - in the process, learning some of the important singing and improvisational  techniques that Harish uses to create the signature sound that he is well known for.


The classes are split across 10 sessions of 90 minutes each - the initial 45 minutes would be led by Harish and the remaining 45 minutes would be a structured question and answer session where the participants get to interact with Harish. The session will be moderated to ensure fair coverage for all participants. 


Each Raaga will be explored across two sessions : 


   1. Understanding the raaga 

   2. Learning the routes and exploration paths of the raaga 

   3. Vocal exercises - essential gamaka patterns.

   4. Vocal preparation - applying the exercises into compositions 

   5. Analysing a composition in the raaga 

   6. Applying the learnings to the composition 

   7. Creating the improvised version of the composition

   8. Recap, prep for the next raaga


Session 1  and 2 - Aabheri 

Session 3 and 4 - Kalyani 

Session 5 and 6 - Sindhu Bhairavi 

Session 7 and 8 - Patdeep 

Session 9 and 10 - Desh 

Session Details


This session is suitable for students of music who have an intermediate level understanding of some form of Indian classical music.


Sessions are ideally suited for performing musicians / hobbyist musicians who want to develop a newer style of singing by applying principles of improvisation. 


PS:  This Master Class will be not be impactful for anyone who is at the beginner level of their training in Indian classical music.

First batch: September 12-21, 2020 / 7.30PM IST COMPLETED

Second batch: October 1-10, 2020 / 7.30PM IST COMPLETED

Third batch: December 1-10, 2020 / 7.30PM IST Booking opens soon


For more info Call +91 95676 38759

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