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Entertainment  |  Business  |  Campus  |  Culture  |  Lifestyle | Brand

We build, direct and sell an ecosystem of on-ground immersive experiences - entertainment awards, product launches, college festivals, LIVE concerts, corporate events and more. With over 500 celebrated events under our belt, Wonderwall Media is a name to reckon with in the event planning, management and execution space.

Artist Management

Music  |  Film  |  Entertainment

We manage some of India’s most talented independent artists, musicians and film personalities. We work with both established artists and emerging talent towards launching, exploring and servicing their careers with long-term creative value and business meaning. 


Concept | Design | Selling | Production | Packaging

Wonderwall is at the forefront of some of India’s most pioneering work in television. Our screen expertise runs across the entire ideation-and programming to broadcast-and-selling spectrum. We are informed by meaning and inspired by authenticity.


Short | Feature | Brand | Music Video | Experimental

We’re a hybrid team of artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, designers, culture curators who have come together to change the game, one beautiful story at a time. Our brand films and music videos are an extension of how we see things differently.


Music | Art | Food | Flea | Lifestyle | Wellness

We have curated some of the finest music festivals in South India. From ideation to talent curation, branding, marketing, production and selling. We create wholesome experiences always putting artists first, providing the finest technicals and creating hassle-free fun to the audience.


Brand Storytelling | Strategy | Packaging | Marketing | Production

We plant, nurture and sustain brands blending business 'cents' and aesthetic 'sensibilties'. Because everything has to do more than just look good. We deliver multi-channel (print, web, local, social) solutions that cater to the heart. We are passionate about building brands and developing talent.

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