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Who's NEXT?



From the makers of the most loved traveling festival Indiegaga, High-On-Music concert tours and Music Mojo at KappaTV, comes the talent search platform for young aspiring musicians - NEXT.


Launched in India in 2021, NEXT comes to USA and Canada this spring. NEXT North America 2023 is a talent search platform for vocalists. Send in your demos to sign up for the auditions.


Zonal Audition centers:


April 18: New Jersey

May 4: Dallas

May 11: San Jose

May 23: Toronto


Criteria for participation:

Age limit: 10-25 years

Songs can be rendered in any language/genre


Registration for Auditions:


Fee to sign up for online audition: $30


  • 20 candidates will be short listed per center for zonal auditions.

  • Selected candidates will be invited for auditions and workshop. Fee to participate: $100

  • Auditions will be led by ace playback singer and composer Sachin Warrier.

  • Interaction/ jamming with rising star Arya Dhayal 

  • A workshop will be conducted for all 20 selected candidates on the day of auditions.

  • Entry to the auditions at 4 zonal centres will be solely based on selection by our mentor panel.

  • Registration to participate does not guarantee a place in the zonal auditions.


Audition Day Schedule:

10AM - 12PM - Workshop with Sachin Warrier & Arya Dhayal

2PM - 5PM - Auditions


  • One winner will be announced at each center.

  • The zonal winner will be provided a slot at the HOM tour along with Vidhu Prathap, Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, Sachin Warrier and Arya Dhayal.

  • From the 4 zonal winners, NEXT Winner of 2023 will be announced at Toronto on May 23.


NEXT Showcase: 


  • The zonal winners will be given opportunities to build their career and showcase their talent through the various on-ground and digital ventures of Wonderwall.

  • The zonal winners will be groomed by professional artists from India. They will also be provided online workshops by eminent vocalist Harish Sivaramakrishnan.

  • The winners will be mentored to perform in music platforms like hoop, The Loft Sessions and other shows produced by Wonderwall.

  • The winner will perform along with professional musicians for the High-on-music concert tours. 

NEXT Showcase