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Who's NEXT?



From the makers of the most loved traveling festival Indiegaga, High-On-Music concert tours and Music Mojo at KappaTV, comes the talent search platform for young aspiring musicians - NEXT.


Launched in India in 2021, NEXT comes to USA and Canada this spring. NEXT North America 2023 is a talent search platform for vocalists. Send in your demos to sign up for the auditions.


Zonal Audition centers:


April 18: New Jersey

May 4: Dallas

May 11: San Jose

May 23: Toronto


Criteria for participation:

Age limit: 10-25 years

Songs can be rendered in any language/genre


Registration for Auditions:


Fee to sign up for online audition: $30


  • 20 candidates will be short listed per center for zonal auditions.

  • Selected candidates will be invited for auditions and workshop. Fee to participate: $100

  • Auditions will be led by ace playback singer and composer Sachin Warrier.

  • Interaction/ jamming with rising star Arya Dhayal 

  • A workshop will be conducted for all 20 selected candidates on the day of auditions.

  • Entry to the auditions at 4 zonal centres will be solely based on selection by our mentor panel.

  • Registration to participate does not guarantee a place in the zonal auditions.


Audition Day Schedule:

10AM - 12PM - Workshop with Sachin Warrier & Arya Dhayal

2PM - 5PM - Auditions


  • One winner will be announced at each center.

  • The zonal winner will be provided a slot at the HOM tour along with Vidhu Prathap, Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, Sachin Warrier and Arya Dhayal.

  • From the 4 zonal winners, NEXT Winner of 2023 will be announced at Toronto on May 23.


NEXT Showcase: 


  • The zonal winners will be given opportunities to build their career and showcase their talent through the various on-ground and digital ventures of Wonderwall.

  • The zonal winners will be groomed by professional artists from India. They will also be provided online workshops by eminent vocalist Harish Sivaramakrishnan.

  • The winners will be mentored to perform in music platforms like hoop, The Loft Sessions and other shows produced by Wonderwall.

  • The winner will perform along with professional musicians for the High-on-music concert tours. 

NEXT Showcase

Terms & Conditions:

By paying the registration fee, you confirm your entry for online auditions to NEXT. Our panel of experts will be evaluating your demos for selection to the zonal auditions of NEXT North America 2023.

Upload a vocal recording of a song as your demo. The song can be of any genre or language. The file size must be below 15MB.

For further information, Contact

New Jersey

Dallas _________ 972 261-4221

San Jose ______ 510 646-710

Toronto _______ 647 886-0644

Register for NEXT 

Registration fee is $30

Upload Demo Audio
Upload headshot image

NEXT Panel of Mentors

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